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Goldsmith Cards

Thick Card Soft (Penny) Sleeves for Mem, Jersey, Auto Cards up to 180 pt

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Introducing Goldsmith Cards Premium 3x4 Soft Sleeves designed for thick cards up from 60 pt. to 180 pt. Ideal for specialty trading cards, including jersey, memorabilia, and autograph cards, these sleeves provide the protection that your valuable collectibles deserve.

Our premium soft sleeves are specifically designed to accommodate the additional thickness of memorabilia cards, ensuring safe fit that protects from dust, scratches, and damage. They are constructed with absolute clarity, made from 100% clear, high-quality, archival plastic free from any blue tint, ensuring your cards are displayed in their truest form.

Our soft sleeves are crafted with a superior 2 mil thickness that not only provides superior protection but also imparts a sense of luxury and sophistication. They are more than just "penny sleeves"; our Goldsmith Cards Premium Soft Sleeves redefine the standards of card protection, combining elegance, superior quality, and unrivaled protection.

Customer Reviews

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Flint S.
Hadn't intended to buy this

Accidentally got these. Had intended to buy regular sleeves. These are pretty much worthless for normal cards. Will give them away.