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Goldsmith Cards

Thick Card Grading Submission Kit- Submit Thick Card to PSA or Any Grading Company

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Introducing the Thick Card Grading Submission Kit – the first-ever comprehensive solution specifically designed for submitting your cherished thick cards (60pt to 240pt), including memorabilia, jersey, and autograph cards, to any grading company. Goldsmith Cards brings you a kit that is tailor-made to cater to the unique requirements of these special cards.

Navigating the submission process for your thick cards has never been easier. This kit eliminates the confusion and painstaking process that can be associated with preparing your precious memorabilia, jersey, and autograph cards for grading. Plus, it includes a comprehensive guide on card selection, grading kit usage, and submission procedures.

Customized to accommodate up to 50 thick cards, this kit ensures that each of your valuable cards receives the care and protection it deserves. Each component is carefully chosen to provide optimal protection and presentation of your thick cards.

Each Thick Card Grading Submission Kit includes:

  • 50 Semi-rigid holders specifically designed for thick cards
  • 100 Soft sleeves optimized for the protection of thick cards
  • Sturdy 5x7 cardboard
  • Pre-cut 2x1 tape
  • Bubble wrap bags
  • Interior box(es) for enhanced card protection
  • Fragile stickers
  • A Tips & Tricks Sheet with expert advice for thick card submission
  • Comprehensive Instruction Sheet

You provide the shipping box and the cards! Preserve and enhance the value of your memorabilia, jersey, and autograph cards with the Thick Card Grading Submission Kit by Goldsmith Cards.

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