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Goldsmith Cards

Goldsmith Cards Premium 3x4 Soft Sleeves

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Introducing Goldsmith Cards Soft Sleeves - the perfect solution for protecting your trading cards from dust and scratching. Soft sleeves are the first line of defense in card protection and it's highly recommended to use them before placing your cards in top loaders or semi-rigid holders.

Our soft sleeves are designed to fit standard size and standard thickness cards, providing a snug fit for optimal protection. Made from archival quality plastic that is free from acid and PVC, our soft sleeves are meant to last a lifetime without causing any damage or discoloration to your cards.

Not only do they fit perfectly into top loaders and semi-rigid holders like Card Savers, but they also fit into 9-pocket pages and one-touch magnetic holders designed to fit cards inside a soft sleeve. This versatility allows you to easily organize and display your collection without compromising protection.

Experience the difference with Goldsmith Cards Soft Sleeves - the ultimate protection for your cherished collectibles.

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Junior S.
Great service

Just what I needes

Daniel O.
Love Goldsmith Supplies

Getting back into the hobby after thirty-some years ably assisted by the good and knowledgeable people at Goldsmith. Incredibly helpful and always available and responsive to questions and requests for information.