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Goldsmith Cards

Goldsmith Cards Semi-Rigid Card Holders- Size 1

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Introducing Goldsmith Cards Semi-Rigid Card Holders. Size 1 for standard 3x4 cards, they are the perfect solution for grading submissions and protecting your valuable collectibles. Our card holders are slightly oversized, making it easy to insert and remove your 3x4 standard cards. Designed with grading submissions in mind, our size 1 holders fit cards that are eligible for grading by PSA, Beckett, SGC, and other reputable grading companies.

Our card holders are not only ideal for grading submissions, but also for mailing, storage, and display. Goldsmith Cards Semi-Rigid Card Holders and the Card Saver 1 by Cardboard Gold are both the same size and can be used for grading submissions, mailing, storage, and display of 3x4 standard cards. The Goldsmith Cards Semi-Rigid Card Holders are made of high-quality archival plastic, are PVC-free and acid-free, and provide crystal clear clarity for your valuable collectibles. They are produced in small quantity with quality control being the most important aspect of the production process.

Experience the difference with Goldsmith Cards Semi-Rigid Card Holders - the ultimate protection for your cherished collectibles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Greg H.
Great card protector

Was looking for an oversized non-PVC card protector and found Goldsmith. The quality is outstanding and perfect for preserving my prized cards. Highly recommend this company.

Nick W.
Got exactly what I needed

Love these semi ridged sleeves that are much bigger then the ones that I had.

Finally able to get these and reasonably priced!

Just what I've been waiting for in order to have the best submission chances (10's!). Glad to have them if only temporarily!

Tanya C.
Card Saver 1

Product is as advertised for the protection of your trading cards that you want to collect and protect from damage.

bill h.
excellent product'

delivery even came a day sooner than expected